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 Honolulu MoversWorldwide Moving and Storage, Inc is locally owned and operated household goods carrier that was incorporated in 1962.

Our Honolulu moving company services Local, Intra-State, Inter-State, and International Carriage. Whether you are moving down the street or relocating across the globe, we are the Honolulu movers that are ready to assist you with every step of your move.

With agencies in Oahu and Honolulu and in central city hubs in other states, Worldwide Moving and Storage, Inc. has established a large terminal network along the Pacific Coast and in the Pacific North west. We are one of the most trusted moving companies in Oahu. Packing up your entire home and moving it to a new place full of unknown adventures can be overwhelming. To make your life easier, our team of Honolulu movers have the experience to take care of every step of the moving process, and serve you with the utmost professionalism.

To further our ability in supporting Hawaii, and beyond traffic, we own and operate the Worldwide Moving and Storage, Inc. terminals in Washington along with four locations in Alaska. These terminals become a staging point and depot for our elite shipping and Oahu moving company.

Use our online form to request a shipping quote, rest assured we have value added pricing!  You are working with one of the finest Honolulu moving companies. Take it easy, and let us take care of it all while you remain focused on creating your new home for your family or company.Movers in Honolulu Your household goods represent priceless moments and memories throughout your life; our crews work diligently to protect your beloved belongings throughout the moving process. We strive to provide our customers and their household goods with full respect to create the most peaceful experience we can during their move. If you are looking for reliable transport for your household goods anywhere in the world, go with the Honolulu movers everyone trusts: Worldwide Moving and Storage – we are by your side, ready to help you relocate to wherever life takes you!